Elevator Service Resumes at South Parking Garage Per The Town

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Elevator service has resumed at the South Parking Garage at the Huntington Long Island Rail Road Station, with the completion of the project replacing the elevator in an effort to increase reliability, safety and comfort for regular elevator users.

The new elevator began operation after the start of the morning rush hour Monday, October 30,2017 three and a half months after it was taken out of service July 11, 2017 for the replacement project.

“We thank commuters for their patience and understanding during the replacement process and hope they will enjoy the improved elevator riding experience,” Supervisor Frank P. Petrone said. “This was a necessary project that should keep the elevator running reliably for years to come.”

The budgeted cost was just under $421,000. About 55 percent of the project is funded by the Town, with the remainder from the federal government and the state.

To help commuters who might have been inconvenienced by the project, the Town added handicapped parking spaces on both sides of the tracks: on the ground level of the North Parking Garage and on level two of the South Parking Garage. Those spaces will remain, at least temporarily, as the Town evaluates whether the need for them continues. The Town also made Public Safety vehicles available during peak commuting times to transport persons with disabilities from one side of the tracks to another. That service was sparsely used and ended upon opening of the elevator. \

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