Supervisor-Elect Chad Lupinacci Launches Transition Website At


Supervisor-elect Chad A. Lupinacci announced the recent launch of his “New Direction Transition Team” website. This site will serve as a forum for individuals to inquire about personnel openings within the Town of Huntington during the transition period.

Lupinacci released the following statement Monday:

In an attempt to keep the hiring process transparent and evaluate all options in personnel matters, I have launched the New Direction Transition website. This website, located at, will allow my Transition to collect resumes from all interested parties and consider a wider range of options for Town employment.

Throughout the campaign, I spoke about the need to reform Town Government and make it more accountable, efficient, and responsive to the people. Opening up the application process to the general public, while evaluating the functionality of each department, creates an opportune environment for the change that the residents of Huntington want and deserve.

I could not be more honored to have been chosen by the voters on Election Day. With this first step, I hope to begin a new era in Town government that checks politics at the door and gets to work for the people of Huntington.

Phone 631-867-CHAD
Address: Friends of Chad Lupinacci for Supervisor
P.O. Box 34
Huntington Station, New York 11746

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