Carol Lynn Schlitt Disbarred By Grievance Committee Has To Pay $830,009 Restitution

The Grievance Committee for the Second, Eleventh, and Thirteenth Judicial Districts, with Carol Schlitt’s peers RANDALL T. ENG, P.J., WILLIAM F. MASTRO, REINALDO E. RIVERA, MARK C. DILLON, LEONARD B. AUSTIN, JJ. decided to accept Carol Schlitt’s resignation as an attorney and counselor -at-law based upon a finding that she is guilty of professional misconduct immediately threatening the public interest.  Carol Schlitt acknowledges that she is  the subject of a disciplinary charge pending before this Court, as set forth in a verified petition dated August 9, 2017, alleging willful misappropriation of money or property. 

The respondent acknowledges that she could not successfully defend herself against the allegations based upon the facts and circumstances of her professional conduct.  As to the issue of restitution, the respondent consents to the entry of an order by the Court, pursuant to Judiciary Law § 90(6-a), directing that she make monetary restitution in the amount of $830,009 to the victim.  Below please read the whole order by the court and grievance committee. 

Some background on the start of this.

Back in January of 2010 Robert Visser AIA of Huntington, NY was driving on 25A westbound in a 1996 Honda Civic when he crashed head on with a 2007 Mercedes. The Mercedes was driven by Gaby Gold, 45 of Fort Salonga at approximately 7:30pm. Gold was taken to Huntington Hospital and Visser was killed in the crash.

Because of this crash Carol Schlitt then attorney took on this case and won an award of approximately $1,230,000. According to the DA she took her $400,000 fee and did not distribute the rest to widow Heidi Visser an amount of the restitution as per the grievance committee order of $830,009 from November 14,2011 when the case over Roberts death was settled. Carol Schlitt was arrested October 28, 2016 and has been out on bail since. Her case in crime court has a  next appearance date of 1/5/18 next Friday.

Attorney Grievance Committee Action -Disbarred as of December 27, 2017

Criminal Court Action next up 1/5/2017 -Will she plead guilty now?

Download (PDF, 29KB)

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