Dix Hills Fire Department Installs Officers, Presents Awards

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The Dix Hills Fire Department recently held their 71st Annual Installation of Officers Dinner. The following officers were installed for 2018:

   Department Officers: Chief Thomas Napolitano, First Assistant Chief Alan Berkowitz, Second Assistant Chief Joseph Williamson, Third Assistant Chief Brett Tepe, Secretary Hillary Bogi, Treasurer Simon Mo, Sgt. at Arms Fred Kuhne.

   Company One: Captain Scott DiPino, First Lieutenant Gerard Rosciano, Jr., Second Lieutenant William Stio, Jr., Secretary Robin Kaufman, Treasurer David Critelli, Sgt. at Arms Christopher Steed.

   Company Two: Captain Terrence Farrell, First Lieutenant Kris Tillis, Second Lieutenant Tom Nostramo, Secretary Elyssa Kaplan, Treasurer Marc Ligator, Sgt. at Arms Robert Brosnan.

   Company Three: Captain Christopher Eager, First Lieutenant Nicholas Nazzareno, Second Lieutenant Michael Sipala, Secretary John Marshall, Treasurer John Brower, Sgt. at Arms Fred Kuhne.

   Rescue Squad: Captain Ryan Elliott, Company One Lieutenant Matthew Stio, Company Two Lieutenant Lori Stiegler, Company Three Lieutenant Jessica Mattes, Secretary John Marshall, Treasurer John Brower.

   Fire Police: Captain Thomas Smyth, Lieutenant Thomas McClane, Secretary Mike Dantone.

   The following awards were presented at the ceremony:

Terry Farrell Firefighter of the Year – Michael Steed

Alan Cornfeld Rescue Person of the Year – Maresa Spizzirri

Inspirational Award – Ziemowit Ryder

   Top 5 Fire Responders – Marcus Magno, Robert Commisso, Anthony Morici, Robert Rosciano, Scott DiPino.

   Top 5 Rescue Responders – Maresa Spizzirri, Eytan Pick, Steven Kamvakis, Wesley Wu, Scott DiPino.

   Length of Service Awards:

20 Years – Nancy Miller, Hillary Bogi, Tom Napolitano, Jaime Wustenhoff. 25 Years – Kris Tillis. 30 Years – Fred Weeks. 35 Years – William Stio, Sr., Joe Costa, Frank Rosciano, Gerard Rosciano, Lawrence Feld, David Winthrop. 40 Years – Jim Brangan, Ron Gatto. 45 Years – Doug Wagner. 50 Years – Arthur Gronbach, Richard Sorrentino, Richard Molinelli, Frank Jenkins. 60 Years – Ray Mahdesian, Fred Meschutt.

   In addition, Pre-Hospital Save Awards were presented to members for their lifesaving efforts at five Cardiac Arrest incidents that occurred last year.

 Story and Photos by Steve Silverman

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