Lupinacci To Newsday On Misleading LIPA Article: Your Bias Is Clear, Readers Deserve Better

In a letter addressed to Newsday dated August 10, 2018, Huntington Town Supervisor Chad A. Lupinacci responded to a misleading article written by reporter Mark Harrington on the LIPA lawsuit:


“I was dismayed by your article on July 26, 2018, entitled High-Power Properties, which is emblematic of the paper’s completely biased coverage of the litigation concerning the Northport Power Plant.  Indeed, while Newsday included a quote, video, and tweet from LIPA Chief Executive Thomas Falcone in its story, your paper never even bothered to contact the Town of Huntington for a comment or rebuttal.


“Newsday’s attempt in that article to compare the taxes paid on commercial properties in Manhattan with those paid by the Northport Power Plant is misleading and inaccurate and is like comparing apples to oranges.


“Newsday disingenuously included the school taxes paid by National Grid for the Northport Power Plant but omitted the school taxes paid by the Manhattan properties.  If an apples to apples comparison was made, it would be evident that the Manhattan properties pay far more taxes than the Northport Power Plant.  You owe it to your readers to present accurate information and correct the false impression your paper presented to the public.


“I was also disappointed to see the quote used from LIPA Chief Executive Tom Falcone in the content of your article. Mr. Falcone decided to disparage the beautiful hamlet of Northport with his sarcastic quote concerning the amount of property taxes paid by the Northport Power Plant. Northport is a beautiful place to both live and visit.  It has a historic downtown, rich history and beautiful waterfront.  Mr. Falcone’s statement was an insult to all those who have a deep sense of pride in their community and have made Northport their home.  Mr. Falcone should apologize immediately and I encourage him and his family to vacation in Northport and if he does, I am sure he will agree with me that it is a jewel of the North Shore of Long Island.  I will even volunteer to take him on a tour of my favorite places.”

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