Huntington Unveils Free Qwik Ride Shuttle to Alleviate Village Parking Crunch

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Huntington – Town Supervisor Chad A. Lupinacci, Councilwoman Joan Cergol, Councilman Ed Smyth and Town Clerk Jo-Ann Raia were joined by representatives from the Huntington Township Chamber of Commerce, Huntington Village Business Improvement District (BID), and co-founders of the Qwik Ride shuttle service for a ribbon-cutting Friday, August 17 at Huntington Town Hall.


The Qwik Ride shuttle service is free for the public as well as village employees, paid entirely by sponsor advertising on the fleet of five vehicles.


In the photo (l-r): Mark Herman, Owner, Bottles & Cases; Dominick Catoggio, Owner, The Paramount; Ellen O’Brien, Executive Director, Huntington Township Chamber of Commerce; Town Clerk Jo-Ann Raia; Councilman Edmund J.M. Smyth; Supervisor Chad A. Lupinacci, holding a window sticker for participating merchants; Councilwoman Joan Cergol; Robert Bontempi, Vice Chairman, Huntington Township Chamber of Commerce; Jack Palladino, Owner, Christopher’s; Daniel Cantelmo, Co-Founder, Qwik Ride; Paul Llobell, Qwik Ride; John Yancigay, Co-Founder, Qwik Ride; Lisa Yancigay with baby Francesca Yancigay. 

“Our historic, vibrant downtown — Huntington Village – just became easier to visit, explore and enjoy,” said Supervisor Chad A. Lupinacci. “The Huntington Township Chamber of Commerce and the Huntington Village Business Improvement District have worked tirelessly with the business community and the Town to bring this incredible, free service to the people, and we should, and will, continue to work together to constantly improve the Huntington Village experience.”


“We are excited to bring free rides to Huntington and help alleviate the parking situation,” said Daniel Cantelmo, who co-founded Qwik Ride with partner John Yancigay.


“We are excited that Qwik Ride has come to Huntington. It will benefit our businesses, residents, employees and everyone that visits Huntington. Thank you to all those who have supported this from the start,” said Chairman Brian Yudewitz of the Huntington Township Chamber of Commerce.


On Tuesday, August 21, Jack Palladino of the Huntington Village BID and owner of Christopher’s, commented on the success of the Qwik Ride shuttle during its launch weekend: “The Qwik Rides kickoff was a huge success. I received positive feedback from employees and restaurant patrons who used it. I also used it myself and found it to be a good experience.”


While anyone can use it, the primary aim of the shuttle is to have village employees, who arrive for their shifts as early as 3:30 PM, park in remote lots on the outskirts of Town to free up parking for customers and restaurant patrons.


The initial goal is to open up 100 prime parking spots in the village during the first six months of operation and grow that number to 200 spots with more restaurants supporting the program and increased public awareness in the first year.


The first wave of restaurants committing to support the new Qwik Ride village employee parking initiative include: Almarco Italian Grill; Christopher’s; Honu Kitchen & Cocktails; Jonathan’s Ristorante; Kashi Japanese; Meehan’s; Neraki; New York Panini; and Old Fields Barbecue.


Supervisor Chad A. Lupinacci in the driver’s seat of one of Qwik Ride’s five Huntington shuttles.

To join this program, village restaurant owners and businesses can contact the Huntington Township Chamber of Commerce at (631) 423-6100. Restaurants committed to having their employees use the Qwik Ride shuttle can display a sticker in their window showing their participation.


The Qwik Ride shuttle service expands upon and is offered in addition to The Paramount’s mandatory private employee shuttle program, which has been in effect for over a year and a half and frees up anywhere from 30-50 parking spots in the village on show nights, as their employees are required to park at Town Hall.


The Qwik Ride shuttle service is launching with five electric vehicles with five passenger seats each. The vehicles will be charged at either of two charging stations at Town Hall or the three charging stations located at The Paramount.


The free app-based shuttle service will run year-round, daily from 3:30 PM through midnight Sunday through Wednesday and 3:30 PM through 4:00 AM Thursdaythrough Saturday. The shuttle will make stops at the municipal parking lots located at Town Hall and near Prime in Halesite, and Rite Aid and Besito in Huntington Village, as well as requests for pick up at other locations throughout and near the village through the Qwik Ride app.



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