Harley Avenue Primary School’s “Sensory City”

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Students at Harley Avenue Primary School now have a super space to visit if they need to release distracting classroom-wiggles — the school’s newly finished “Sensory City.”

Thanks to the dreaming and collaboration of school psychologist Mrs. Michelle Kretz, art teacher Mrs. Ali Harris, and principal Mrs. Elissa Millan, a hallway in the back of the building was transformed into a city full of super heroes, including the school’s mascot, the Harley Knight. An array of super hero emblems, pictures, numbers and letters were also added on the walls and floor for students to interact with. Specific spots call for certain movements, such as pairs of green Hulk hands to smash—but students can perform the movement however they would like.

“Each time a student visits Sensory City, it’s different,” said Mrs. Kretz. “It’s unique to whatever their needs are at the moment.”

This resource not only meets the sensory processing needs of the children, but also adds educational insight with incorporated letters and numbers, which falls in line with the district’s mission to help students succeed academically, socially and emotionally. This project was made possible through booster club and district funding, and building maintenance workers were imperative to installing all of the materials. The community at Harley is excited to continue to be able to offer new and innovative avenues for students to succeed.

“The goal of this resource is to decrease sensory seeking behaviors and improving their cognitive functioning,” said Principal Millan, “making students more available and ready to learn.”



First graders Colton and Charlie enjoyed going

through Harley Avenue’s newly finished “Sensory City.”

(L to R) Mrs. Harris, Mrs. Kretz, Mrs. Millan and Mr. Jose Alicea

in front of their newly finished creation — Sensory City.

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