Buddies Practicing Thankfulness At Fifth Avenue Elementary School

Kindergarten and fifth-graders came together at Fifth Avenue Elementary School in the Northport-East Northport School District to spend time talking about gratitude and creating hand-traced thankfulness turkeys on Nov. 15.

Fifth-graders from Mrs. Christine Shaw’s class partnered up with kindergartners from Mrs. Kathy Admunsen’s class to trace their hands to create a turkey and assisted them in penning what they were thankful for. These two classes come together on a regular basis and do different activities together. Each student has an assigned buddy that they spend time and build relationship with.  

Fifth grader Fran expressed her thankfulness for her family, and kindergartener Reese gave thanks for her grandparents.

Previous to this activity, students learned about how people around the world live differently than us in America, and it left them feeling appreciative for the things that can be taken for granted, such as indoor plumbing, grocery stores and doctor’s offices in our towns. Many students expressed gratitude for their homes, their families, and their school.

Students at Fifth Avenue elementary worked together to make thankfulness turkeys during a buddy visit.

“It’s important for us to build thankfulness into mental paradigms of our students,” said Mrs. Shaw. “Gratitude promotes optimism, which helps us to develop a more positive outlook on

our lives and the world around us.”

Fifth Avenue Elementary fifth-grader Ajay and kindergartener Darren spent time thinking about what they were thankful for during a “buddy” visit on Nov. 15.

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