Film Producer Jeff Waxman To Attend Huntington Opening Of His New Film, VICE

On Wednesday, December 26th at 6:30 Jeff Waxman, the Executive Producer of the new Dick Cheney comedy biopic, Vice, will be attending and discussing a screening of the film at Huntington’s Cinema Arts Centre. Jeff will be attending the screening and participating in an audience Q&A after the film.


Jeff Waxman is a Long Island resident who has produced more than 20 feature films over the past 15 years. His producer credits include John Wick 2, Mother!, Immortals, The Fighter, .45, Running Scared, Reign Over Me, and Law Abiding Citizen.


Vice, directed by Adam McKay, is a satirical depiction of Vice-President Dick Cheney’s ruthless takeover of the US government. The film stars Christian Bale, who underwent an amazing transformation in order to play Cheney, and Academy Award winner Sam Rockwell as a hilarious incarnation of George W. Bush.



To learn more about the event contact Nate Close at (631) 423-7610 x 15, email at, or visit our website

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