Northport Middle School Students Celebrate Uniqueness, Promote Inclusivity

Students at Northport Middle School have been working together to infuse tolerance, inclusion and acceptance into the school climate. The end goal of these efforts is for the school to receive the title of No Place for Hate from the Anti-Defamation League (ADL). This holiday season, students are focusing on promoting and celebrating what makes every person unique.

As a result of the brainstorming of the middle school student council, throughout the week of Dec. 11, students had the opportunity to craft snowflakes in homeroom and lunch periods to represent their uniqueness. Once the snowflake was complete, students answered the question “What makes you, YOU?” with a single word written on the flake. Each creation was then hung on the tree in the cafeteria as a reminder that different can also be beautiful.

Students encouraged each other, admiring each other’s creations.

“I think it’s important to be okay with being unique, and be okay with others’ uniqueness,” said seventh-grader Timothy Leon. “No one should ever feel left out, or less than they are, just because they’re different.”

Carly, Kenzie, Erica and Timothy crafted snowflakes to represent their beautiful uniqueness during the week of Dec. 11 at Northport Middle School.   

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