Deputy Town Clerk Stacy Colamussi Shows Huntington Seniors How to Go Green with Worm Fertilizer Demo

On a sunny Wednesday morning in June, Deputy Town Clerk Stacy Colamussi presented her vermicomposting “worm fertilizer” demonstration to over 60 residents at the Town’s Senior Center.

As an avid gardener, Colamussi has always composted but over the past several years she has started vermicomposting; raising special composting worms that eat all her kitchen scraps, newspapers and junk mail. Colamussi then uses their waste, or “castings,” to fertilize and protect her plants.

“Worm fertilizer is a great way to go green – imagine if everyone practiced vermicomposting?” said Deputy Town Clerk Stacy Colamussi, who wholeheartedly attests to the process and its success, and has now devoted her time to educating others on its benefits, seeking to make everyone’s back yard a little greener. “We can dramatically reduce waste sent to waste management facilities, while reaping the benefits of vigorous and healthy flowers, plants, shrubs and lawns, not to mention vegetables! Worm castings can be used on anything, not only in the garden.”

During her presentation, Stacy demonstrated the vermicomposting process, explained how to get started, and answered various questions about using worm castings in the garden before giving away bags of her homemade worm fertilizer as souvenirs for attendees.

Upon receiving an interested and enthusiastic response from those present, Colamussi announced she would be presenting her vermicomposting demonstration at several local libraries during the summer and fall.

In the photo (l-r): Julia Frangione, Senior Division Director; Stacy H. Colamussi, Deputy Town Clerk at vermicomposting “worm fertilizer” demonstration.

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