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Robert A. Lifson
20 Endicott Drive
Huntington, N.Y. 11743

Sept. 23, 2019

In 2013 I ran a primary for the Republican nomination for Supervisor of the Town of Huntington.
My opponent was Gene Cook. As a former Chairman of the Huntington Republican Committee, and a
life-long resident of Huntington. I opposed giving the Republican nomination to a member of a minor
party and thought my vision for Huntington’s future while preserving its historic past as one of the
earliest English settlements in America would be more in tune with the values of the Huntington GOP.

Gene proved me wrong on both of those considerations. His decisive victory in the primary
established his undeniable credentials to be accepted as a Huntington Republican despite his
registration in another party. His voting record over the past six years demonstrates his commitment to
the core principles valued by the residents of our Town – economical delivery of governmental services,
putting a brake on overdevelopment without ensuring the infrastructure to support it, preserving our
property values.

Today I am proud to endorse his reelection as Councilman for the Town of Huntington. Gene
ran on a platform that included his commitment to term limits. The power of incumbency is immense.
Without term limits, elected officials tend to focus more on partisan considerations rather than sound
public policy. Gene’s success in securing term limits is one example of promise made – a promise kept.
It is a giant in the right direction.

Critical issues are still facing our Town – the pending cert. case, development plans that stress
our existing infrastructure, and the failure to adequately address the dire need for additional parking
and necessary infrastructure enhancements are just a few examples. Gene Cook has been a strong voice
addressing these issues. He needs and deserves all of our support so our vision of the way forward can
be advanced

Because in order to implement our agenda on some critical land use issues may require a super
majority, it is obvious Gene needs additional support on the Town Board. Therefore, I urge the election
of the entire Republican slate – Gene Cook and Andre Sorrentino for Town Council, Andrew Raia for
Town Clerk and Stacey Colamussi for Tax Receiver.


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