Huntington Entrepreneur With Down Syndrome One Of The Ten Finalists In L’Oreal Paris

Brittany Schiavone, 30, a Huntington, NY resident, isn’t just a smart, strong, powerful young woman with Down syndrome, she is the founder of the 501-3 (C) non-profit organization, Brittany’s Baskets of Hope (BBOH). And now, announced today, she is one of the ten finalists in L’Oreal Paris’ Women of Worth national competition.  Oh, and it’s Down syndrome Awareness Month … what better way to honor someone breaking the stigma of what’s possible and impossible with a disability. 

Brittany understands that having a baby with Down syndrome can be tough (just ask her mom and dad) and in 2016 founded BBOH to help spread a message of hope to new families who welcomed a newborn baby, just like her, to their family.

Brittany hand-delivers or mails baskets filled with baby blankets knitted with love, “Down Right Perfect” onesies, and information relating to raising a baby with Down syndrome, including textbooks, pamphlets and educational resources for parents. 

To date, Brittany has delivered nearly 800 baskets of hope to families in 49 states across the country (and Puerto Rico). 

Over the past three years, Brittany has found a groundswell of support from her local Long Island, NY community and across the world. She stays connected to the families she has helped through social media, developing a community of positivity, love and support and that goes beyond her baskets. 

This past year, Brittany submitted her organization to L’Oreal Paris’ “Women of Worth” national competition. 13 years ago, the internationally-known makeup company, L’Oreal Paris started the philanthropic program, Women of Worth, to honor those who go above and beyond, selflessly volunteering their time to empower others. After thousands of submissions, on October 15, 2019 Brittany has been announced one of the ten finalists and recipient of $10,000. Voting is open now to ask the community and nation to vote for 2020’s grand prize recipient and the chance to win an additional $25,000.

Brittany has a personal mission, and motto, that she is trying to share not only with these new families but to the world: “People with Down syndrome can do anything, really, really anything.” Will you help spread her message?

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