Planning Board Extends Public Comment Period on Indian Hills DEIS, Schedules Hearing & Hires Consultant

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The Town of Huntington Planning Board voted at its October 10, 2019 Special Meeting to extend the public comment period on The Preserve at Indian Hills Draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS) from October 18 to November 4, 2019 scheduled a public hearing on the Preliminary Subdivision for November 20, 2019 and hired an outside consultant to assist the Planning Board and staff on environmental review.

The Planning Board voted to extend the public comment period on the DEIS for The Preserve at Indian Hills, which was set to expire on October 18, through November 4, 2019.

The Planning Board also voted to hire AECOM, of 200 Broadhollow Road, 2nd Floor, Melville, NY, as an engineering consultant to assist the Planning Board and staff on environmental review, specifically as it relates to Appendix H-Geotechnical Engineering Reports and Correspondence of the DEIS for The Preserve at Indian Hills.

The Planning Board scheduled a public hearing for The Preserve at Indians Hills Preliminary Subdivision on November 20, 2019 at 6:00 PM, pursuant to Sections 276 and 278 of New York State Town Law.

The public hearing will be held in the Town Board Hearing Room, Huntington Town Hall, 100 Main Street, Huntington. Interested persons may attend and will have an opportunity to be heard on the proposed cluster subdivision development.

The Town will advertise the Legal Notice for two (2) consecutive weeks prior to the hearing date in Town newspapers.

There are two parts of The Preserve at Indian Hills application happening concurrently: one part is the DEIS public comment period, now ending November 4, 2019, which follows guidelines established by NYS DEC SEQRA laws; the other part is the cluster subdivision development, which follows the guidelines established by NYS Town Law Sections 276 and 278.

Typically, the SEQRA requirement considering the DEIS and the Preliminary Subdivision hearing occur together as one public hearing. In this case, the process has been extended, having two public hearings on separate days – the public hearing on the DEIS was held on September 18 with the public comment period now ending November 4, and the Preliminary Subdivision public hearing will occur on November 20 – expanding the opportunity for public participation.

In addition to the public comment period on the DEIS and the upcoming Preliminary Subdivision public hearing, there will be an additional Final Subdivision hearing; the review time period will extend into next year.

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