Letter to The Editor

Rachel DiNapoli
Greenlawn-Northport, NY

Dear Editor,

I am writing you today about Huntington Town Councilman Eugene Cook, who is up for re-election this November 5th2019.  As a lifelong Democrat and a person that has been politically involved for many years, it’s important to me that we praise the great elected officials, who work for their communities.  Eugene Cook has help me every time I’ve reached out to him, resolving each matter quickly and professionally.  He has a great staff who are always polite, courteous and kind while assisting him and the constituents of Huntington.   

Councilman Cook has not only helped my family but he has helped many community members, with their issues. Eugene Cook has a record of listening to our communities and standing with them to fight to maintain their quality of life against overdevelopment.  For this reason, I ask not only all Democrats to vote for Eugene Cook on Tuesday, November 5th, but anyone who wants an elected official to be their independent voice of Huntington. Remember, you can vote starting October 26th thru November 3rd at the Dix Hills Fire Department.

Thank you

Rachel DiNapoli


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