Flashback Friday – Councilman Cook, Local Business Owners & Boy Scouts Help Veterans


The parking lot of the Golf Course at the Northport Veteran’s Hospital desperately needed paving.  After more than five years of requests by Mario Buonpane and members of the golf committee  to various organizations still nothing was happening.  The lot was in dangerous disrepair.

Finally, three weeks ago, Mr. Buonpane reached out to Councilman Gene Cook.  After reviewing the site, Councilman Cook agreed something needed to be done immediately.  He reached out to several Local small business owners and asked for their help.  The business owners were happy to help make this happen. Posillico Inc. donated the asphalt, Lindley Bros Asphalt Paving Inc. donated  labor and equipment for the paving and MGM Sealcoating Inc. donated labor, equipment and materials. 

From the time that Mario Buopane first approached Councilman Cook until the paving was actually completed was a total of three weeks.  Mario Buopane stated, “When I first met with Gene I had brown hair it seems like an eternity from when we first discussed the need to pave this lot, a whole three and a half weeks now that I have white hair our lot will be paved, stated jokingly.  He was thrilled that Mr. Cook, the generous business owners and the boy scouts were able to make it happen so quickly. 

Councilman Cook stated, “This would not have been possible, if our local small business owner’s didn’t open their hearts to our Veterans Community.  Today proves that if we all work together and communicate we can accomplish what may seem like the impossible.  I am grateful for the generosity of Posillico Inc., Lindley Bros Asphalt Paving Inc. and M G M Sealcoating for their assistance.  This never would have gotten accomplished without their assistance.  Today, I recognize two groups of heroes, our Veterans who stand up for our Freedom and the companies who allowed us to show them how we appreciate them.”

Now the Veteran’s and the community have a parking lot that matches a beautiful golf course.










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