Trial Update This Week, Brian T. Finnegan VS Chad Lupinacci – Town of Huntington Supervisor


The complaint of Brian T. Finnegan VS Chad Lupinacci, which was filed for State Supreme Court on 12/04/2018, will be going to trial January 10, 2020.

The summary of the alleged civil trial according to the Supreme Courts calendar on Thursday January 23, 2020, because of an adjournment dated January 10, 2020 complaint is as follows:

Finnegan alleges that Lupinacci had intentional tort and violations of NYS Human Rights law committed by Lupinacci as an employer and individually due to Lupinacci actions or inactions against Finnegan.

Finnegan Complaints: 

  • Repeated sexual assault
  • Harassment
  • Abusive behavior
  • Physical and sexual abuse
  • Forced to work in a hostile, abusive, and offensive work environment
  • Required to sleep in same apartment or hotel room

Finnegan’s Suffering:

  • Significant embarrassment
  • Stress
  • Pain
  • Suffering
  • Mental anguish
  • Economic loss

Facts from Finnegan lawsuit (See filed complaint at end):         

  • Many Drinks at Local Albany bars
  • Return to room
  • December 5, 2017 2-5am allegedly after falling asleep Lupinacci touching Finnegan’s pants zipper.
  • Finnegan responded by “what are you doing”
  • Finnegan went back to bed/sleep.
  • Finnegan woke to Lupinacci in underwear with his hand down his pants.
  • Lupinacci jumped back into bed.
  • Location –(Albany Hilton) Photo of Lupinacci trying to get into Finnegan’s phone by an app that does that when someone does not type in the correct password.
  • Finnegan that morning confronted Lupinacci, Lupinacci stated he “blacked out” and did not remember this.
  • December 11, 2017: Lupinacci called Finnegan stating they had to go back to Albany, Finnegan said he was ill.
  • Finnegan told Lupinacci he did not want to stay overnight.
  • Lupinacci insisted he would be picking up Finnegan at 5:45 am December 12, 2017
  • December 12, 2017 at 5pm they worked all day vodka offered to Finnegan by Lupinacci. Finnegan declines (witnesses in office). Finnegan succumbed to pressure from Lupinacci and had a drink. Finnegan poured out most of the drink
  • 6pm: Uber to Café Capricco in Albany NY. Lupinacci ordered Finnegan to drink all of a vodka. However Finnegan poured it out.Lupinnaci further pressured Finnegan by asking if he drank all. Finnegan for fear of retaliation, told Lupinacci he had. Next the colleague and a friend of colleague joined for dinner. Bottles of wine were ordered.
  • After dinner, Lupinacci encouraged the group to go to City Beer Hall for more.
  • Finnegan ordered low alcohol beer. Went to restroom, upon return, ice was in his beer. Fearing that Lupinacci poured something into it, he did not drink it.
  • The colleague and the friend left.
  • Lupinacci and Finnegan went to Speakyeasy 518, and then to the bar Public House, under the insistence of Lupinacci.
  • Lupinacci was pressuring Finnegan to have a shot of alcohol. Finnegan insisted to not have a shot so bar tender poured non-alcohol beverage.
  • 12:30am: Both returned to hotel, Finnegan changed out of his suit into boxers/pullover shirt to bed.
  • 2:30am: Finnegan feels something, wakes up, Lupinacci is on his knees beside his bed.
  • Finnegan asks Lupinacci “what are you doing”
  • Finnegan feels his penis and testicles were exposed. (see page 9 section 18-n)
  • Finnegan beliefs Lupinacci exposed his penis/testicles and inappropriately made sexual contact.
  • 2:40am: Finnegan felt Lupinacci hands sliding down the sheets.
  • Finnegan jumped out of bed, took Lupinacci by the throat, and pushed him to the wall.
  • Finnegan got dressed, told Lupinacci “this is done, this is over, I can’t work for you anymore” and left room.
  • 3:47am: Lupinacci called Finnegan. They had a conversation, Finnegan asked if Lupinacci would acknowledged what he did and Lupinacci hung up.
  • Finnegan gave his resignation.
  • Other intimidating evidence is including in the lawsuit.
  • HOWEVER IN DECEMBER 2017 NEWLY ELECTED TOWN OF HUNTINGTON – SUPERVISOR LUPINACCI CALLED Finnegan to go to lunch with local business leaders. Lupinacci stated to Finnegan, “when the Supervisor asks you to go get a drink, you go get a drink”.
  • Lupinacci consistently required Finnegan to drink alcohol against his will.
  • Many other times in front of others Lupinacci made sexual harassing comments, verbally abused and degraded Finnegan, causing him embarrassment, humiliation, anxiety, loss of self esteem and emotional pain


Jury Demand Asked December 4, 2018.

Jury Trial starts Thursday January 23, 2020 – at State Supreme Court.

OPINION- If any one of these allegations is TRUE,  Supervisor Lupinacci should not be in office and all HUNTINGTONIANS should be very, very upset. If Finnegan was a woman, then groups would have called for Lupinacci’s removal, but because Finnegan is a man, it’s ok. There seems to be a double standard when sexual assault/harassment happens to a man, even if it is MAN TO MAN.

As of this post we have not been able to confirm this yet from our source in Albany, but it may appear that the State of NY is investigating all of these charges, and possibly as a criminal matter. This could be a bad thing for the town of Huntington Supervisor Lupinacci and the Town of Huntington. This trial will be one to follow.


Everything in this story is based on allegations the defendant is innocent until proven guilty by a court of law. The law suit filing is shown below so you may verify for your self

Download (PDF, Unknown)

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