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Not a new direction.

Supervisor Lupinacci campaigned on a new direction

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Town Hall sources state that in the last few weeks the Supervisor cannot make decisions. Must be and or could be because of the lawsuit against him for sexual issues.  And this only issue of Sexual Assault has made Lupinacci distant and non fuctional according to those at town hall. Yet we are in a new direction. I ask where is the WOMEN’S outrage, where is the LGBTQ outrage? If this lawsuit was against women the womens movement would run supervisor Lupinacci out of our beautiful town. So I ask where is the outrage from the LGBTQ community. Well……where is it? We need to know? And the other issues in town hall about LBGTQ items, well why are you so quiet????

The charges against him are allegations however they are serious allegations and all Huntingtonians should be very, very concerned about these. As a Huntingtonian, do you want a possible registered sexual offender as your supervisor? Not that, that would happen in this case because it is civil, but……the State is investigating and it could be a possibility. Wow you, should stand-up and ask for his resignation!

Wow, let that sink in for a bit……

The Town of Huntington was founded in 1653 and up till now not one supervisor could possibility be called a sex offender. I have lived here for 63 years and I can not even think this possible.  Please process this and let it just flow in and out.

Now Lupinacci is under attack via the lawsuit against him.  And he is just skating along because his alleged victim is a man. I have no idea where the OUTRAGE IS? Many things in our local/county/state/federal are so bad, but this stinks. Don’t you think? And this week Joan Cergol is concerned about an inappropriate email from a man to a women at town hall, but Lupinacci is just fine allegedly doing something worst to a man and Joan is OK with that.  What a double standard.

Where are the LBGTQ people. They should be so outraged, so outraged. But I guess Lupinacci is a good guy? Or just a good LBGTQ follower, ya think.

Quote from Chad Lupinacci May 13, 2016 “As an elected official, one of my top priorities is ensuring that New York State is a suitable place for young professionals to work and live,” Lupinacci said. “I am proud to celebrate each of these distinguished young men and women, and thank them for their contributions to our state at such an early stage in their careers.”

Do you think Brian Finnegan agrees with that?

Finnegan vs Lupinacci case had a PreTrial Conference on Thursday January 23, 2020. March 19, 2020 the pretrial-conference set the date for Insurance, Medical Reports/Authorizations and Bill of Particulars due, on March 19, 2020. More to follow.

Chad Lupinacci would not have ever been voted in as Supervisor but this happened, Republican/Independent candidate Eugene Cook refused to go on the ballot.  Because the Republican Party did not want to have a women on the ballot like the democrats did, with Joan Cergol. Lupinacci should be grateful to Eugene Cook, but no, he has in political terms roasted Councilman Cook, by his votes to remove various positions in Town like e.g. Deputy Director of IT and more, positions that Cook and Lupinacci both voted in. But because Cook brought them in Lupinacci wanted them out as political payback. But based on this case, Councilman Cook should be upset, because Republicans do not care what the real outcome is, but you as Huntingtonians should.

Nicholas Wieland – Huntingtonian Class of 57

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