Federal Raid in West Hills

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At approximately 7:30am this morning February 27, 2020 according to SCPD they assisted the Department of Homeland Security to execute a federal warrant for a person staying/living at the property owned by Abraham Finkler, at 367 West Hill Road in Huntington Station.  The South Huntington Superintendent Bennardo sent out an email to parents stating that Walt Whitman High School was on lockdown/lockout. Social Media was a buzz about the police helicopter flying around Huntington Station. Many stated false information about this raid, on many social media accounts/groups. 

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: This property according to the Town of Huntington property records shows multiple permits taken out and expired. The Town issued stop work orders back in September 2019, because of no permits and for work done without permits. This house was sold in 2013 to Finkler by local realtor Eliot Lonardo.  Neighbors have expressed concerns with the size of the house for the area.

According to sources 1 person was in custody.  We will update the story as more information comes in.

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