Letter to the Editor

February 27, 2020

Dear Editor,

My name is Jim McGoldrick, a lifelong resident of Huntington Station, recently there have been several news articles concerning a personal matter, in Huntington Town Hall.  As many would agree there is no place in town government for inappropriate behaviors, and that all town employees should act professionally.  The individual who made this inappropriate mistake, took responsibility for his error and resigned his position within town hall.  Problem solved, it is time for our elected officials to move forward and concentrate on the vital issues looming over Huntington’s future and stop using this personal matter to point fingers at each other. 

There are several issues on our horizon, that this Huntington Town Board needs to work together and find a resolution to these matters.  The first issue, is the LIPA Tax Certiorari lawsuit which needs all hands-on deck working together and thinking outside the box to ensure the Town of Huntington and the Northport-East Northport School District not only resolves but wins this litigation.   Instead of automatically saying no to a possible solution, say maybe the lack of the approval from Public Authority Control Board, could be the solution or maybe the solution is the proposed bills in Albany.   Why are the majority not doing this, the only Councilmember who seems to be fighting is Councilman Eugene Cook?

Another issue is the health and safety of the Huntington residents, when is this not the responsibility of our elected officials.  It does not matter, if you re talking about the need to close the Northport Middle School due to possible contamination, or the stabbing of a young man at Burger King in Huntington or the SCPD Resource Officers staying in our schools and improving the relationships with the youth and the police department.  Instead, I heard from most of you this is not my jurisdiction, it is the school districts problem; don’t you people understand these are our children their health and safety are our priority.   All, except Councilman Cook, he said how can I help.  Because of his efforts, working with the 2nd Precinct and the community we now have a free soccer program bridging the relationships in our communities.  Also, other government agencies and the Northport-East Northport School Board decided to look closer at the health issues in the Middle School and removed the students from a questionable environment.

Last and not least, making Huntington Town Hall run efficiently, professionally and transparent.  It is a very sad state of affairs when Town Board Members lecture from the dais at a Huntington Town Board meeting about how the appointed positions are not vetted properly; yet when asked where are the candidates they want to be considered, the comment it is not my job to find the candidates to be interviewed.  Yet, you held a press conference to complain you were not part of the decision-making process in a personal issue.  The time is now, make a decision what is your job?  To be part of the solution to make the best decisions for our town or to continue to play party politics. 

Thank you,

James McGoldrick

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