Councilman Cook Sues LIPA/Nat Grid/Town of Huntington Over Illegal Procedure

Councilman Cook last week presented the idea to stop LIPA suit. Because the Town board decided to ignore this idea, this week Councilman Cook is suing for:


Councilman Cook

Plaintiff contends that in order to execute his duties as a Huntington Town Council Member, Eugene Cook to consider proposed resolution of the long Island Power Authority v Assessor of the Town of Huntington, et. al. (Suffolk Supreme Court matters including Index Number 031116/2012 ) plaintiff seeks the instant declaratory judgment relief in the first Cause of Action and Article 7803 findings and relief in the Second Cause of Action.

Eugene Cook, as a voting member of the Town Council believes that he is unable to fulfill his duties as a Town Council member to consider and vote on proposed settlement proposals and resolutions, either positively or negatively I until these issues (paragraphs 19- through -27) are determined by declaratory judgment.

As explain in this story two weeks ago  

LIPA/NAT GRID needs approval from the PACB in order to do anything regarding assets or expenses over $1 million dollars.  From lawsuit “Plaintiff is entitled to Declaratory Judgment that the failure of Long Island Power Authority under the Public Authorities Law to obtain Power Authority Control Board review and approval mandated under Public Authorities Law for actions including committing to contracts valued at over a million dollars without PACB review and approval resulted in illegal and void and unenforceable contracts; “

Councilman Cook is just looking out for all Huntingtonians. If the Town loses this suit it could cost every taxpayer in areas including West Neck, Asharokin, Northport, East Northport and the Northport thousand individually and the Northport School District Millions. This lawsuit is out of time and if Huntingtonians lose it could bankrupt the town.

Below please see the lawsuit filed today March 10, 2020:


Download (PDF, 454KB)

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