Cinema Arts Centre Launches Forks & Films to Spread Positivity

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On April 9, 2020, Cinema Arts Centre (CAC) will release a new digital series Forks & Films. The series will provide an entertaining free cooking video that the audience can view on the CAC’s YouTube or Facebook channels and connect with a film that will be highlighted each week. The audience can access the weekly film from various streaming services. Every week a new film will be introduced by CAC Trustees Jacqueline Strayer and Martin Butera and will provide a programming option for the community that is free, family-friendly and easily accessed.

“During the current social distancing, Cinema Arts Centre is delighted to bring free family programming to not only the Long Island community but also to people beyond our borders that can be shared and enjoyed cross-culturally. We are proud this was created and developed by our own CAC Trustees”, commented Dylan Skolnick, CAC co-director. CAC Trustee Jacqueline Strayer added, “We are not professional on-air television people, as you will see. But what we do have is a love of film, food, family and our community and we hope to convey that to each of you.” 

The Forks & Films series will introduce a family film that can be downloaded or streamed from various streaming services, including Disney Plus, Netflix, YouTube among others. Long Island restaurateur and chef, Martin Butera will demonstrate how to make a food item that is showcased in the film. The dish will be easy to make and will not require fancy ingredients or culinary skills. Incorporating different cultural backgrounds, the food will range from a main dish, dessert or an appetizer. The host, Jacqueline Strayer, a consultant and professor will share fun facts about the film and invite audiences to share photos/videos of their cooking and film-watching experience on social media.

Creating the Forks & Films communications, marketing and editing of the episodes have been accomplished by students from Strayer’s NYU graduate classes, as a service to the community. Seven graduate students from the Master of Science programs in Integrated Marketing and Public Relations and Corporate Communication programs at New York University and are volunteering their time for the Forks & Films series. These graduate students are applying the skills they have learned from class to a real-life situation. “I could not be prouder of my students and how they jumped in to participate in our community program. The CAC and our community would like to recognize the commitment and achievement made by these fantastic students who include Isnigdha A Chaturvedi, Carolina Gonzalez, Yixuan (Shirley) Luo, Chuanhan Sun, Nimisha nitin Vichare, Yiyin Xu and Mei Zhu.


Tune in to Cinema Arts Centre Facebook or YouTube on April 9 at 6 pm to view the first episode of Forks & Films. Cook the best meatballs ever, then stream the film: Lady and the Tramp. And if the audience cannot make the 6 pm launch, it will be accessible thereafter for downloading. New episodes will be published every Thursday at 6pm.

Learn more about Forks & Films program and Cinema Arts Centre online events at:

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