State Senator Gaughran Calls on NYS Attorney General to Investigate PSEG’s Failed Storm Response

August 6, 2020 State Senator Gaughran and the Long Island Senate Majority called on New York State Attorney General to investigate PSEG’s failed response to Tropical Storm Isaias. As the hurricane system remains underway, Senator Gaughran remains concerned that PSEG is unable to competently and safely service its 1.1 million customers on Long Island, and that LIPA in its capacity as the authority which oversees PSEG, has failed to hold PSEG’s feet to the fire.

Senator Jim Gaughran said “I’m outraged that PSEG dropped the ball on this storm response. PSEG’s website, text, and phone lines are down. I tried them for myself following desperate constituent calls for help. I now have constituents stuck — amid a pandemic and the summer heat — literally in the dark.‬

This is disgraceful. This was a tropical storm. What happens if a Level 2 hurricane hits Long Island? Tuesday was PSEG’s first major test since they took over running our system — and they unequivocally failed.

PSEG management failed on a multitude of levels tonight — from customer service to an accurate outage map. While out surveying my district I saw hard-working crews working to restore power. We are just at the start of hurricane season but PSEG’s incompetent management and failure to properly plan for events like today has left me tremendously concerned for PSEG’s capability to handle serious storms in the future. Get it together.”



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