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To all the above
    As some of you are aware of there have been a total of four shootings in the Station in the last few months. One of the shootings resulted in the MURDER of one individual which was on E 17th St which is only a few blocks from my home. There were also  two drive by shootings within 24 hours at the same home on E 9th St. It was my understanding that bullets hit the house across the street. Again, this happened only a few blocks from my home. NOW, we have another the drive buy shooting on Oakwood RD.  This just happens to be near my daughters house where my GRANDCHILD  lives.  What would the TOH elected officials do if this occurred by their homes and family?? I will tell you.  They would be screaming from the roof tops. They would want you, Commissioner Hart, to patrol their neighborhood personally. They have a tendency to pass the buck to the SCPD.

  • They say nothing to calm the community.  
  • Where is CODE Enforcement??  
  • Have there been problems with these homes?
  • Are they rentals?  

I want you all to understand that the SCPD is doing the best they can with what they have.  I want to thank them for the outstanding job they did during the pandemic. They did more than our local government did, which will be addressed at another time.  Mr. Bellone, when I pay my property taxes the SCPD has its own line with how much of my tax dollars go to the SCPD.  How does the County have the right to take these funds?  It is my understanding that every elected official for the a County receives $50,000 for their campaign is this true?  If this is true, then start there.  You can also stop taking campaign contributions from the PBA’S.   How can people take this funding and then vote on the PD contracts?  You can start by negotiating out of the contract the banking of the 450 days.  What was the price tag on this for 2020?  They can do what the majority of America’s work force does, use them or lose them. There are so many items that could be discussed. This is just one piece of the pie. In times like this, the last thing you should be doing is cutting their budget.  You should be adding to it .

The Station has come so far and we should not be losing ground. If you recall, almost 6 years ago a young girl was murdered in front of my home.  This brought about a change in the town. Residents got involved, myself included, to have patrols stepped up in the Station. Everyone cared about stopping violence. What happened? It would have been different 6 years ago.  There are a few residents, like myself, that care about our community and are willing to speak up about it. WE Grew up here. WE live here.  WE aren’t leaving.  We are the “the thorns in your side” that won’t go away until we see changes.

I know a few you elected officials think it isn’t their JOB, but public safety is all of our jobs. Good luck with the revitalization program in the Station when it is the Wild West.  Is the TOH discriminated against the Station? It appears that way.  I have been around the block a few times I haven’t lived a sheltered life.  Are these drive by shootings gang related?  Is it a turf war or is it retaliation if GANG’S are involved?  The pandemic isn’t going to last forever.  There will be public forums where there will be many questions asked.  I know many of you won’t respond, but remember we the people elect you and pay you and we can vote you out.   Again I want to thank the SCPD, Commissioner Hart and Tim Sini for all they do. I don’t like begging, but I am begging you to send more law enforcement to the Station before an innocent person, especially a child, is either injured or murdered. We don’t want this to happen.

Send us more law enforcement before it gets out of control.

Thank you for your time and stay healthy
Jim McGoldrick

I look forward to hearing from you!

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