3 Years of a “New Direction” by Lupinacci Administration

The Lupinacci Campaign slogan in the election of November 2017 was “A New Direction”, running against Tracy Edwards. Well what is this New Direction?  The Lupinacci administration has never passed a Town Budget yet in 2 years. And this New Direction has been accused of sexual assault maybe a second time. Where is there a new direction in any of this. Previous long time Supervisor before Lupinacci Frank Petrone,  his administration passed budgets and handled situations on personnel with accuracy and speed.

Covid has given cover to this administration on so many topics. The community has expressed very moral, ethical concerns over what is going on but town is closed, video hideouts. No public discussion of matters critical to our town. The Town Parking lot during the day is empty where is you tax money going? Oh yes everyone is using telecommunication to work.  

What are your thoughts? Lets us know in comments.

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