The Hanging Chad


On January 3, 2021, TheHuntingtonian published about the trial of Town of Huntington Supervisor’s Chad Lupinacci for SEXUAL ASSAULT which was to start in the second week of February. The trial has changed to a conference with more motions and more motions, requesting more disclosure by team Lupinacci. One can only assume that team Lupinacci is trying to push out the trial as far as possible so Lupinacci can gain the GOP nod to run again for Town Supervisor by the Republicans.  Screenings have been going on currently and Lupinacci does not want anything to stand in his way of getting that nod.

But Lupinacci has more problems coming to hit soon.  TheHuntingtonian foiled for the investigation report as per resolution 2020-634.   We have yet to receive it as of this story, however, along with town resolution 2020-184,  there appears to be another investigation into inappropriate behavior again by Lupinacci of possibly the same nature as Finnegan vs Lupinacci, but with a town employee at the time of his actions. 

How can the Huntington Republicans even think about putting Lupinacci up again for supervisor with such toxic items surrounding him?  Newsday today stated “newly minted Town of Huntington GOP leader Tom McNally would have had his hands full even in a normal election year.” TheHuntingtonian thinks he is in a major conundrum for his rookie season.

In this world of cancel culture and Nancy’s etc., Republicans think they can get away with putting up a tainted candidate with serious behavioral issues? They might as well give the election to the female Democratic candidate, Rebecca Sanin. TheHuntingtonian did a soft, non-scientific poll and many Republicans called stated that if Lupinacci gets the nod that they would not vote at all in November, thus giving Sanin the supervisor’s seat as well as all seats to Democrats. Have the Republicans (GOP) not learned anything from November 6, 2020 election?   

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