Bombshell Report Brings More Hanging Chad’s

Resolution 2020-184 approved at the March 2020 board meeting to investigate allegations that Town Supervisor Chad Lupinacci brought actions of sexual harassment, abuse of power and intimidation of a then town employee, his second time accused- Finnegan Vs Lupinacci ongoing case in Suffolk Supreme court. The employee has since quit his town job because of the abuse of power, possible sexual harassment and intimidation by the Supervisor, thus affecting this investigation because the abused former employee is not under any obligation to talk with the Investigator from the law firm off Jackson Lewis.

The report (see below for the full report) stated “As discussed below I was not able to substantiate any allegations of sexual harassment. HOWEVER, I believe that individuals were untruthful during the investigation process or refused to respond to my questions, which impeded my ability to obtain the full story.”

Attorney Kreb stated on questioning Lupinacci  from page 13 “Overall I felt that Lupinacci was less than fully forthcoming and / or at times internally inconsistent. Like XXredactedXX, Lupinacci’s lack of memory was NOT WHOLLY believable, especially given some of the issues raised (though given his senior status, the number of items on his plate, and his role as the alleged harasser and not the victim (“victims generally remember things more strongly)” and “Lupinacci also apparently changed his story from time he spoke with XXredactedXX and XXredactedXX to the time he spoke with me, at least with respect to checking Novatime/Town cameras”  

Novatime is the town’s payroll time clock and the town cameras are all over the building.  Both of which the Supervisor SHOULD NOT have access to because it has nothing to do with his job, especially in a government setting.  Procedures in Huntington need to change as this ability gives someone more power over an employee as stated in the investigation.

Attorney Krebs analysis stated “I was unable to substantiate this allegation which was hampered by UNTRUTHFULLNESS and/or lack of cooperation by several witnesses.” So everyone was lying we have to guess?

So we really don’t know what the truth is, however, this investigation reads exactly like Lupinacci’s sexual harassment and assault trial complaint brought by Brian Finnegan, for the exact same behavior as this investigation is reviewing. That trial was supposed to start this week, but more motions and cross motions have put that off. This was clearly done to protect Lupinacci so he may get the GOP nod.

“Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice shame on me.” What comes after “Fool me three times, shame on…?”  Can Huntington afford for this behavioral pattern from our Leader?

QUESTIONS and issues that need to be addressed/asked:

  • Did Lupinacci actually stalk this employee like he allegedly did to Finnegan?
  • Did Lupinacci text with this employee on Snapchat/text like he allegedly did to Finnegan?
  • Was there any abuse like he allegedly did to Finnegan?
  • Did Lupinacci use town equipment to spy on employees? If so, policy changes are needed. And the Town Board needs to address this as soon as possible.
  • Liability-This behavior opens the town up to very expensive lawsuits in the future.  

Attorney Kreb stated “An entirely separate -and unusual – issue arose as a result of this investigation, separate and apart from a termination as to whether the allegations raised were true. Unfortunately, and as explained in greater detail above, I was forced to conclude that several individuals interviewed were unforthcoming, and even untruthful, during the interviews underlying the investigation. Ultimately, it is up to the Board to decide how to proceed with respect to these individuals, but I feel obligated to describe these issues and how I reached each determination.”

What we can conclude from this $20,000 investigation is that there were lies all over, that town hall procedures need to change with regards to access to certain programs and Lupinacci appears to have a pattern of behavior that is unacceptable to be a leader for Huntingtonians.

TheHuntingtonian has a call into Finnegans Attorney’s for a comment but his attorneys made a statement about this report to They stated. “Arthur Aidala and Imran Ansari, attorneys for Brian Finnegan, responded to the Republican statement, reminding people that Lupinacci has not been cleared of wrongdoing in that case.”

“Mr. Finnegan stands by his allegations against Mr. Lupinacci, and litigation remains active to bring Mr. Finnegan the justice he deserves, the law firm said. “While the Jackson Lewis investigation reveals strikingly similar allegations made against Lupinacci, it has no impact on Mr. Finnegan’s case or the mounting evidence that Lupinacci sexually assaulted him. Lupinacci‘s name is not ‘cleared’ and any attempt to say otherwise is a deliberate distortion of fact to save the floundering political career of an alleged sexual predator.”

Again even attorney’s agree Lupinacci is trying to save a floundering political career as a sexual predator, a liability for Huntingtonians alike. Stay tuned for more.



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