Motion Reply Brings More Mobile Hanging Chad’s

Finnegan’s Attorneys answer motion from Supervisor Lupinacci attorneys dated 10/13/20 which was filed with the court clerk 11/30/20, showing pictures that the Supervisor was trying to break into Finnegan’s phone, was caught in the act. Finnegan had an app that would take a picture of anyone who tried to access the phone. Per the complaint after this Finnegan stated he was sexually assaulted.

Question 9 of the motion wants the “text messages concerning Finnegan’s claims against Lupinacci.”

Question 24 all documents that support, tend to support, refute, or tend to refute Finnegan’s allegation that the Defendant assaulted him, as alleged in Paragraph 46 of the Complaint.  

This evidence is damning for Lupinacci, see the pictures below from the motion.















With all of this over the Supervisor’s head, plus the Town employee, are there others? Others are very possible to come out because of these 2 coming forward. With this bad behavior having been brought to light, maybe there are other interns in Albany?  This pattern of behavior usually continues per mental health experts.

Also, why is the Supervisor 30 feet, from the camera on town board meetings? Is he hiding something?

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