Double Tragedy In Greenlawn

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Michael Baldwin, who is a reporter for News 12, arrived at his home on Lafayette Street in Greenlawn to make an unthinkable discovery.  Baldwin explains, ” I saw the babysitter slumped over and I began to lift her up and I found my son underneath her and he was dead.”   Baldwin received a voice mail message from Theresa Coffey, age 39 of Port Jefferson Station, who was his 5 week old sons babysitter.  The voicemail was received at about 6:00 but Baldwin claims he didn’t hear the message until 9:00, at which time he rushed home.   After making the discovery he called 911.  The baby and the sitter were taken to Huntington Hospital where they were both pronounced dead.


A distraught Baldwin explains that he didn’t know Coffey very well and that she was a recent acquaintance of his wife Colby.  Apparently she was a  “last resort” option as no friends or family were available for babysitting and Baldwin needed to get to work.  The newborn baby had medical problems at birth and spent the first 17 days of his life in the hospital.  Baby Michael arrived home only a few weeks before this tragedy that ended his short life.

The Suffolk County Medical Examiner will conduct an autopsy to determine the cause and manner of both deaths.  Suffolk County Det. Lt. Gerard Pelkofsky of the departments Homicide Unit stated, ” At this time we have no reason to believe that this was anything more than a tragic accident.”

The following video is of Reporter Michael Baldwin who is the Father of the diseased infant:

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