Reverend Artis on Black History Month

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Black history Month by Reverend Jerry Artis

Here we are again at the month of February, called Black History Month. There are a few negative connotations about this designation that I shall deal with shortly. I choose to dwell on the positives and I believe in sharing. I don’t mind sharing with the ground hogs, the presidents, valentine lovers, I love them all.

To me, Black history is part of Divine created and woven fabric that is the human race. How can I not feel special? How can I not feel proud? We celebrate the groundhog on his day whether he’s right or wrong. We celebrate our presidents, great, average, good, or down right bad, because they took on the awesome responsibility of trying. We celebrate Valentine’s day, even though we didn’t particularly enjoy it as we thought we would, or if we’re certain there will be another, but because it represents Love. With Black History Month, its not celebrated because we have arrived, some hearts will never change, but we believe in ourselves, we believe in our God, and we believe in the goodness of our fellow human beings.

A lot of us feel that we were given the shortest, sometimes coldest month to celebrate the Black history! I say to you, I feel your pain, but let me teach you a lesson I learned while in the Marine Corps, ‘It’s not about how much you can dish out, but how much can you take?! So if they want to give us a couple days less, we will take joy in knowing that everyday is Black History, past, present, and future. It may be cold outside, but it cannot match the fiery intensity in our hearts to endure and move up no matter the circumstances. The cold on the outside is no match for the fire in our spirits, and our Love. So let us celebrate!

There is more Black History taught in schools today than ever before. I Believe this is a good thing because it teaches our children that we all played an important part in human history, which no month is large enough to contain, and will create mutual respect. I have produced many Black History programs at my Church, However, not very long ago our friends at Bethel A.M.E. Church did a skit about a home with Black inventions and the other home without Black inventions. BOY! What a difference. There was no ironing board to iron on, no hot combs for the ladies, no broom, and other things I cannot recall now, and I thought to myself, this skit should be required at schools and featured on TV!

Finally, I THANK Mrs. Ilene Fucci for this opportunity for giving me another chance to share with you, and I thank you for giving a few moments of your precious time to hear me. In today’s world, there is a place where you can go free of negative peer pressure right there in your home or library, its called the internet. Look up Black inventions, our history in the military, other subjects that will give you a clearer picture than the media, who either feature the worst, or have an agenda of divide and conquer. In the meantime please attend the Black History Month celebration at Town Hall Thursday, Feb. 2, 2012, at 7 P.M. I hope to see you there. God Bless You All.

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One Response to Reverend Artis on Black History Month

  1. great post – thanks for your wisdom – hoping to read more about Black History from you this month.

    Samuel Sutter
    January 31, 2012 10:01 am at 10:01 am

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