Renaissance Downtowns Needs Your Guidance and Input

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Renaissance Downtowns is looking for your input regarding Huntington Station Revitalization.  Follow the link below and register with Renaissance Downtowns now!  This is your opportunity to post, vote on and share your vision with the master developer in regards to what Huntington Station Revitalization should look like.


Renaissance Downtowns (RD), based in Plainview, Long Island, is a Master Developer in Huntington Station. Renaissance is a privately held real estate development and investment firm focused on the comprehensive and holistic redevelopment of suburban downtowns (“Boutique Cities”) utilizing Smart Growth and New Urbanist planning and development principles. With over 60 years of combined experience in all disciplines of real estate development and finance, Renaissance is uniquely positioned to overcome the significant challenges facing large-scale downtown redevelopment initiatives.

Renaissance’s Unified Development Approach was designed to meet and overcome the complexities of downtown revitalization through the creation of a shared vision between the Municipality, Renaissance, private property owners and key community stakeholders. This inclusionary approach will enable Huntington Station to begin to realize benefits from their redevelopment efforts upon the return of the market, positioning the City to capitalize on significant changes in consumer preference which have led to a pent up demand for more urban housing within suburbia, located along transit lines.

A cornerstone of Renaissance’s community-centric approach is its groundbreaking “crowdsourced placemaking” program, which is a grass roots, social media effort that enables local residents and stakeholders to have a true say in what gets built in their community. Guided by a “triple-bottom-line” philosophy of social, economic and environmental responsibility, “Source the Station” has become the voice of the people in what will be developed at the Huntington Station transit station area, while promoting local, independently owned businesses throughout the downtown area.

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