Streetscaping & Multi-Level Parking Garage

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Dear Editor,

In your most recent edition there are two initiatives with which you seem to take exception. The first, and
most important, is the commencement of the streetscaping at New York Avenue and Olive Street. The second 
is the proposal for a multi-level parking garage which, if memory serves correctly, would be on New Street and 
has been bandied about for years.

Regarding the streetscaping, it has been a long time in coming. Going back some 10 years, the then existing 
Huntington Station Revitalization Committee, of which I was a member, recommended this action. Now it has 
come to fruition, albeit tardily. Instead of praising what can only be a positive to the community, you took the 
position of derision, witness the title of the article "Pawn Shop & The Limestone Statue". And while your facts 
regarding the timeline are correct, you make no mention of funding issues or the time it takes for the permit 
process which, in this case, required approval of the State Department of Transportation. As an additional 
affront to reporting as opposed to demagogy, you "bold" the word "potential" in the Supervisor's statement of 
2011. You chose negativism as opposed to an alternate meaning "opportunity". 

Finally, the town can not control the type of business save that of a brothel or casino. (OK purists there 
are zonings for industrial, business, etc.) What it can do is insure that the signage is appropriate and that 
the business is not a public nuisance. This has and is being done.

So while you have every right, and as a newspaper the obligation, to bring to light all issues, please give 
credit where it is due.

Regarding the New Street garage, which, as previously stated, is where I believe it would be sited, it is 
truly necessary. Parking in the village is difficult on an average day and nigh impossible on weekends. To 
continue the viability of businesses located in the village they require adequate parking to be successful. 
A viable and dynamic downtown benefits us all. And to link the garage to Avalon Bay, (which I opposed and still 
do), is an exercise in duplicity. Again, you need to provide meaningful information for due consideration by your 
readership as opposed to following rabbit trails or leaving the scent of a red herring.

Finally, I would ask that you add this letter to the next print edition.

Richard Frauenglass
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4 Responses to Streetscaping & Multi-Level Parking Garage

  1. StreetScaping is supposed to be already paid for.

    However the Parking garage is not and the audit continues, word has it town is about $5-8 Million in the hole and reserves almost down to nothing, so please tell me how are we going to afford a new parking garage?

    Specky Doodle
    September 10, 2012 12:20 pm at 12:20 pm

  2. Mr. Frauenglass,
    You make the mistake of expecting far too much of this site. First, it is not a legitimate “newspaper” by any stretch of the imagination. To expect more is futile. By now, most have caught on that his site is an extremely poor and bush league attempt at journalism by those clearly untrained in the profession.

    Actually, the untrained who share information under the guise of “news” at this site have not even done a good job of hiding their true M.O. of unfairly attacking the Town and certain members of its administration mercilessly. There is no truth or objectivity to be found here. If the Town brought Jesus Christ to Huntington Station or Huntington Village to weigh in on matters and offer His opinion, the Huntingtonian would find fault with it.

    But thank you for bringing wisdom and fairness to an otherwise wasteland of hate mongering and journalistic ineptitude. Unfortunately, to ask or expect more here is akin to falling down the rabbit hole.

    I suggest you turn to real journalistic sources for your news.


    Peter R
    September 10, 2012 10:17 pm at 10:17 pm

  3. Hi Peter,

    Thank you for the kind words. We feel strongly that the Shenanigans of Frank Petrone and his appointees have gone unchecked for far too long. We understand that the end of the free ride may be painful for some. As far as real journalism, there must be a reason why we have 40,000 readers online and now have a print circulation of 20,000 copies and growing. Feel free to point out specific inaccuracies in any of our articles or simple offer your opinion and we will be happy to publish it, just as we did for Mr. Frauenglass.

    The Huntingtonian
    September 11, 2012 8:35 am at 8:35 am

  4. Peter R – I beg to differ on your assessment of the Huntingtonian. The fact is, I get more information which is not “white-washed” vs. the other excuse for a publication – let’s call it the Wrong Islander.

    The Wrong Islander is owned by Democrat cheerleader Peter Sloggett. Peter coordinates his reporting with the unofficial staff writer/town spokesman A.J. Carter. Mr. Carter revealed his partisan feelings last year when he couldn’t hang up his phone properly.

    As a newspaper, The Wrong Islander skips over real reporting. Issues like illegal housing and developers owning Petrone & company are ignored and instead they smear Petrone’s opponents. Incredibly, Don Puis manages to escape their invesitgative reporters.

    When they aren’t getting free meals from local restaurants based on their fixed reviews, they are handing out awards to so-called People of the Year who have done virtually nothing to earn the title. Their monopoly over the local news is over. The Wrong Islander has no journalistic sources but instead partisan hacks.

    Instead, The Huntingtonian has remarkably discovered lots of corruption from how taxpayer money is misspent to the favorable treatment given to the donors of Petrone and Berland. For too long, these issues were overlooked and the best thing that can happen is to bash them as you have. It only means you have no idea how to fairly respond to their success without name-calling and your days are numbered. For a better understanding of their impact, research the rise and fall of CNN vs. Fox News. Long Live The Huntingtonian!

    September 11, 2012 1:06 pm at 1:06 pm

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