GHCG Meeting – Thursday, Jan. 29.

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VFW Post #1469, 210 West Pulaski Road, Huntington Station

Topics For Discussion & What You Can Do NOW:

***The NEW Residential Rental Permit Resolution – Did you know that a public hearing was held on December 9th, 2014, regarding a resolution brought forth by Town Councilmember Tracey Edwards to adopt local Law No. 50-2014? The law was adopted at the Town Board Meeting on January 14th. The law requires the inspection and permitting of non-owner occupied two-family homes at a cost of a $75 application fee and a $475 permit fee per family in a residence; penalties can run as high as $1,000 for a first offense. To note, any properties owned or managed by the Huntington Housing Authority are EXEMPT from this law. Please see the second e-mail attachment for a copy of the complete resolution. We’re inviting Tracey Edwards to our January 29th meeting to discuss the parameters of this new law.

What you can do now: Think of any questions you have regarding this law and bring them to the meeting. A question we have: Is mixed-used housing included or not? It seems that the resolution says “no”; the Newsday article of January 16th says “yes.”


***Town Hall Investigationaka “Corruption Goes On Unchecked”: Our Huntington Town Board put out a resolution two months ago calling for an investigation into allegations brought forth against Mark Cuthbertson. What is being done? To the best of our knowledge, not one of the council members has followed up on the status of the investigation.  Instead, council members only called for a more stringent review of the town ethics code.

What you can do now: Call – or better yet, write – each town council member to request that he or she push to expedite a state and/or federal investigation into the allegations and to provide the public with updates. If you write, be sure to cc: JoAnn Raia, Town Clerk, on your letter and send a copy of it to her.


***The Continuing Push for High-Density Housingaka “The Myth of High-Density Housing Nirvana”: The flagrant push for higher and higher density projects has gone virtually unabated by local municipalities, including our own.  Even a major media outlet continues to blatantly support this movement. Please see this editorial from Newsday on January 4, 2015:

What you can do now: Write a letter of rebuttal to Newsday about the present, and very real, availability of rental housing stock.  Please send a copy of your letter to


*** Get involved – write a letter! Even a little bit of your time can make a BIG difference! ***
And please bring a canned or dry good for a local food pantry to the meeting. Thank you!

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