Assemblyman Andrew Raia Discusses His Budget Priorities

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Raia BudgetFrom the Office of Assemblyman Raia: 

Assemblyman Andrew Raia is advocating for ethics reform measures, increased education funding, and money to repair local roads and potholes on Long Island in the 2015-16 New York State Budget. Raia noted that budget talks are always ongoing, but stressed these three issues as his top priorities as the legislature approaches a budget vote at the end of March.

“In the wake of multiple scandals in Albany that culminated with the arrest and resignation of former Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver, it’s clear the time is now for ethics reform,” said Raia. “I have sponsored multiple pieces of legislation that would increase accountability and transparency in Albany, including pension forfeiture for corrupt government officials, and tougher campaign finance laws. Both Gov. Cuomo and the new speaker have expressed a desire to regain the public’s trust, and I believe the legislation I sponsor would go a long way to doing that.

“Investing in our children is an investment in our future as a nation. Withholding funding from our classrooms hurts everyone in the long run. I will not sit idly by as the 2010 Gap Elimination Adjustment (GEA) education cuts continue to hurt our schools year after year. The time is now to restore this funding.

“Finally, it is imperative to the well being of our loved ones that there is ample funding to make our local roads as safe as possible, especially after a particularly harsh winter. Filling potholes, repairing roads, and fixing local bridges will save every commuter in Suffolk County thousands in potential car repairs.”

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