Darryl St. George Falls In line and Withdraws from Town Council Race

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Darryl St. George 2From the campaign of Darryl St. George:

Darryl St. George, a Democrat who had been seeking his party’s nomination for a 2015 Huntington Town Council bid, announced today that he is withdrawing his name from consideration. St. George, 33, is a Northport High School teacher and Afghanistan War veteran. He first announced his interest in running on February 2, making his intentions official on March 23. In stepping down, he has cited his desire to do what is best for the Democratic Party and to strive for party unity in the upcoming campaign.

St. George first made his announcement in a speech to the General Committee of the Huntington Democrats at their “Meet the Candidates” Night on April 28. In his speech, he alluded to questions raised by fellow Democrats regarding his youth and lack of experience in the political field. He countered that he offers “creativity, energy, and enthusiasm,” and contended that his years as a teacher, U.S. Navy corpsman, and community leader have offered their own unique brand of experience. “We have all expressed frustration over the lack of youthful involvement in politics,” St. George acknowledged, “and it was through my candidacy that I sought to change that, and hopefully channel [my strengths] into the meaningful growth of the Democratic Party. I believe in our future.”

St. George took a leave of absence from teaching in 2009 and served in combat as a Navy corpsman with the U.S. Marines in the Helmand province of Afghanistan during Operation Enduring Freedom. He is now an active member of the American Legion and VFW, and also serves as the vice president of the Greenlawn Civic Association. He has been a vocal advocate of veterans’ causes, such as tax exemptions in local school districts, in addition to the Sunlight Law and Stolen Valor Act, both recently signed into law by Suffolk County Executive Steve Bellone. Mr. St. George is also particularly active in various anti-drug organizations, a cause close to his heart after the tragic loss of his younger brother Corey, who struggled with drug addiction.

St. George’s announcement represents a reversal of his initial pledge to pursue a primary if he were not chosen as one of the Democratic Committee’s nominees at their May 27 caucus. He has stated that he was originally committed to allowing the local Democratic voters to choose their candidate. However, a number of leaders within the party urged him to respect the decision of the Committee and avoid forcing a primary. St. George struggled with the decision, as he was determined to put his best effort into the campaign and did not want to let down his supporters. When there were clear indications that he was not likely to gain the Committee’s nomination, St. George ultimately chose to step down and offer his support to the chosen candidates. He also wanted to make it clear that his intention was always to do what was best for the party: “I am a Democrat. I believe in the principles of this party… I believe the government can play a role in improving the lives of ordinary Americans.”

Mr. St. George wishes to share the following: “I would like to thank those of you who offered me your guidance, advice, and encouragement along the way. I also want to extend my deep and profound gratitude to the people of Huntington. This has been an incredible journey and I have been truly blessed to have the unique opportunity of being welcomed into your lives and hearing your stories. I want you all to know that this is merely the beginning. I am as dedicated as ever. My enthusiasm remains unbreakable. I will continue to work for you and I will always be there.”

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