The Rule of Law for Owning and Investing in Commercial and Residential Real Estate in Huntington, New York Seminar Hosted by Councilman Eugene Cook

This seminar at VFW Post 1469 210 West Pulaski Road Huntington Station

promises to change the way you see local government and the protections available under the Rule

Councilman Cook

Councilman Cook

of Law for owning and investing in commercial and residential real estate in the Town of Huntington.  This seminar will illustrate why unnecessary applications and payments to local government restrict investment in local areas, and lead to an ever more dramatic downturn in the local economy.

In 2003, New York State brought into existence a new uniform code for building code and property maintenance code which preempts local codes inconsistent with the state provisions.  The state provisions are meant to encourage investment.  But local governments have suppressed knowledge of their existence, and unfairly and illegally oppressed local residents and investors for more than a decade. 

Tom Horn and Lawrence Kelly are two attorneys who have successfully used the state laws to insist East End Towns and Villages follow the Rule of Law in dealing with commercial and residential real estate owners and operators.  Tom Horn is a former Fire Marshal and Safety Officer for East Hampton Town, having served as a School Board Member, Union President and Master Electrician.  Lawrence Kelly is a former Suffolk County District Attorney, County Attorney and Senior Rule of Law Advisor for the United States State Department in Southern Iraq. 

Lawrence Kelly

Lawrence Kelly

Horn and Kelly have looked at Huntington Town activities and will bring a curtain up on the hypocrisy and dysfunction evident in their review, and provide solutions as to how these can be addressed. 

Councilman Eugene Cook  is candidate for Huntington Town Board who believe that this information is important for voters of Huntington to hear, understand, and act upon in making Huntington government conform its conduct to the Rule of Law and promote investment in the community.  That was the intent of the State Legislature in enacting the new uniform codes, to provide a level playing field for individuals interested in investing in towns like Huntington all across New York State.  No political favorites, no targeting of the opposition, simply respect for the Rule of Law. 

We hope you will join us as we seek to inform the public and make Town of Huntington a better choice for investment and growth opportunity for the next generation of Huntingtonians.  Please join us OCTOBER 13, 2015 at the VFW Post 1469 210 West Pulaski Road Huntington Station at 7:00PM. 

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