Petrone and Bellone Speak about Violence in Huntington

After a violent week in Huntington we asked our leaders to comment. The following was Supervisor Petrone’s response.

Photo Village Tattler

Photo Village Tattler

“The Supervisor shares your and the community’s concerns about the recent incidents and agrees that it is time to undertake additional measures to increase the police presence in Huntington Station. He has met with Police Commissioner Sini to request additional patrols and is working with the Commissioner  on measures that could help make that happen, including offering  the SCPD use of the public safety annex on Depot Road next to Station Sports. 

Additionally, the Park Rangers are expected to begin their patrols this coming weekend. While schedules are still being finalized, it is likely that the priorities will be the evening and overnight shifts on Friday and Saturday nights, the times of the during which many of the recent incidents have occurred. As has been noted, while the Park Rangers will patrol facilities across the Town, their focus will be on Huntington Station. 

As we all know, there are no easy solutions and no single measure or single entity can bring about the necessary change. We all need to work together on making current efforts more effective and to consider innovative measures to reduce the violence that has affected the community so deeply.”

Below please find Suffolk County Executive Bellone’s response.

“Suffolk County and its police department is committed to ensuring all of our communities are safe.  We continually assess dialogue and reconfigure assets and resources as needed.  Commissioner Sini recently increased resources in the area and is looking at all opportunities to address incidents within Huntington Station.  We do not take lightly the recent uptick of violent acts and will be vigilant in our pursuit of suspects.  All residents deserve to feel safe in their neighborhoods.  We will continue to partner with the community and work collaboratively as we all work toward the common goal of ensuring our communities are safe.”

As it is Thursday why not make it Throw Back Thursday by reviewing the two stories below:

Click here to read a letter from 2009 Police Commissioner Dormer

Below please read an article from 2010 “Huntingtonians Rally to End Huntington Station Violence” from the Village Tattler. You must read the comments as well not just the story. The question I ask you have we moved forward, since 2010?

Photo Village Tattler

Photo Village Tattler

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