Town Hall in Halesite With Tom Suozzi 3rd District Congressional Candidate

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tomsuozziLast night September 29, 2016 at the VFW hall in Halesite Tom Suozzi’s 3rd District Congressional Candidate had a town hall meeting.  The meeting was very upbeat and had wonderful questions from the audience in regards to immigration. Everyone had questions concerns and issues for Suozzi’s, Tom Suozzi addressed each and every one with fresh re-warding answers. He seems to be someone who’s looking to come up with solutions to our immigration problem.  Many in the crowd got a little upset over the words illegal or undocumented,  but the conversation quickly turned positive. Many in that audience were concerned about illegal immigration and the amount of people coming in to the country and specifically Long Island.  Mr. Suozzi stated that we need to have comprehensive immigration reform and that is what he will try to get done in DC if you elect him.


Tom Suozzi is close to Ted Kennedy in regards to crossing party lines and getting things done. It appeared to many in the room that Mr. Suozzi’s.  cool and calm, demeanor may be right for them in this election.


Some people brought up at a community meeting that happened the night before where MS 13, drugs and police were at issue. Mr. Suozzi said that’s very interesting and that we need to have more law and order in the local communities, then the federal government can help. He will see to it if elected.


The conversation was lively positive and good for all.  I think it was a positive night for everyone that attended. Overall a very good town hall.


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