Brittany’s Baskets of Hope – Donation

Recently, South Huntington’s, Stimson Middle School homerooms 216 and 410 presented a Pennywars check for $1,500 to Brittany Schiavone, founder of Brittany’s Baskets of Hope. This is a wonderful organization that is dedicated to bringing information, support, guidance and hope to families that have recently welcomed a baby with Down Syndrome into their lives.

Brittany, a South Huntington graduate, has made it her mission to deliver baskets that not only provide guidance to families, but gifts of love and joy for the babies and siblings as well.  “It is our hope that our Stimson donation continues to support such an amazing organization and hometown success story,” said Stimson Principal Edwin Smith. 

“I just want to let everyone know, just because you are born with a disability, it doesn’t mean you can’t do everything you want to do!” – Brittany Schiavone.


(PHOTO ABOVE) Left to right: Brittany’s friend and co-worker Ashley Asti, Brittany Schiavone and her mom Susan with one of the baskets that is sent to families who have newly welcomed a baby with Down Syndrome into their lives. 


(PHOTO AVE) Stimson homerooms 216 and 410 present a Pennywars check for $1,500 to Brittany Schiavone’s`

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