Second Be Smart, Don’t Start (Anti Drug and Alcohol Night) HMFD


“On Wednesday Febuary 1st, 2017 at 7:00pm, Huntington Manor Fire Department 2nd Assistant Chief Dominic Spada, Firefighter Gerry Conlon, and Huntington Bay Police Chief Christopher Jack,  Reisa Berg From LICADD, Firefighters Kate Kuntz and Jerry Conlon called “Be Smart, Don’t Start”, a conversation for parents and their kids about the dangers of drug and alcohol use and how it affects youth in our community today. The discussion will include how drug and alcohol use may begin and how students can recognize danger signs in order to avoid finding themselves in bad situations. They will share first hand insight from emergencies they have responded to, and how it has affected their lives. Strategies for living a drug and alcohol free lifestyle will also be discussed.

The presentation is geared toward Middle School and early High School students and their parents to help them realize the effects of drug and alcohol abuse and the health, social, and legal ramifications associated. A parent from our community who has lost a child to drug addiction will discuss the ongoing effects this has had on her family, and offer insight to other parents to help keep their own children from heading down the path to drug addiction.


Kate Deegan
Public Information Officer
Halesite Fire Department


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