Harborfields School Saluting the Veterans

              The Harborfields Central School District invited veterans from throughout the community to their annual Jazz Cabaret Night on April 5, 2017. The evening event took place in the Oldfield Middle School auditorium where tables were set up in patriotic fashion and desserts were served. 

              The Harborfields High School Leadership Class mingled with the veterans at each table and learned more about their service. Thomas J. Lahey Elementary School students created thank you cards for the veterans which were placed on the tables for them to take home.

             Harborfields administrators were also present to greet and thank the veterans for their sacrifices including Superintendent of Schools Dr. Francesco Ianni, Assistant Superintendent for Administration and Human Resources Dr. Rory Manning and Executive Director for Instructional Services Jordan Cox.

              The Leadership Class introduced themselves in front of the crowd and the microphone was then passed around the tables to each veteran where they had the opportunity to talk about their backgrounds and what branch of the military they came from. Many spoke about how they became involved with the military and how their service impacted their lives.

              The Harborfields High School Vocal Ensemble performed a number of songs for the attendees including “Somewhere Over the Rainbow,” “Bridge Over Troubled Water” and “Respect” under the direction of Clare Jackson.

              The veterans also heard musical performances from the Harborfields High School Jazz Band under the direction of Dan Bilawsky. They played classic songs and with some featuring a vocal quartet of four students.

              Cox concluded the evening by thanking the veterans for attending and for their service and sacrifices.

              “We want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the service that you provide to us every day,” he said. “You allow our students to grow up in an environment that is safe, that allows them to flourish and allows their voices to be heard.”


Photo Above – High School leadership students got to know veterans from the community.

Photo Above – Veterans listened to the Vocal Ensemble and Jazz Band perform.  

Photo Above – High School student Nikki Balducci performed a solo with the vocal ensemble.

Photo Above – The Harborfields High School Jazz Band played a number of classics for veterans.

Photos courtesy of the Harborfields Central School District

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