Cash Sent By Elderly Man As Part of Scam Intercepted

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Suffolk County Police Financial Crimes Unit detectives in conjunction with members of the United States Postal Inspection Service intercepted cash sent by a St. James man as part of a phone scam.

A 79-year-old man received a phone call on April 8, 2020 from an individual who claimed the man’s grandson had been involved in a motor vehicle crash and subsequently arrested. The caller said the victim needed to send $9,500 in cash to an address in St. Louis to be utilized for his grandson’s bail.

The man, who sent the cash via United States Postal Service, then spoke with his grandson and determined the call was a scam and called police. Detectives contacted officials at the New York office of the United States Postal Inspection Service who then contacted officials in the St. Louis office. Postal inspectors intercepted the package prior to delivery and turned over the cash to Financial Crimes Unit detectives on April 14, 2020 to be returned to the victim.

“I would like to commend the efforts of the Financial Crimes Unit detectives who kept an innocent victim’s money from making its way into the hands of a scammer—a result that is not always easy,” Suffolk County Police Commissioner Geraldine Hart said. “We would like to remind people to be alert to scams such as this one, as well as those involving the IRS, Social Security and utility companies. It is also important to be aware of emerging scams relating to COVID-19.”


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