You Can’t Compete With Nature – See The Beauty Everywhere Dr Zach Bush

As you watch every day and listen to the Federal Task force or the New York State briefings from the Governor or like me I’m on with the County executive you feel like it is ground hog day again and again and again. You question when is this going to end, when can we get back out, get back to work, get back to what we once did.

Dr Zach Bush is interviewed by Del Bigtree from “TheHighWire”.  If you skipped or just did not like sciences in school Dr. Bush gives a lesson that we either forgot or were not taught in school.  Since we are still at home, it is the most comprehensive course on viruses, biology, the earth, pollution, biosphere, nature and how it all works, in language that is easy to understand. I confess it is 1 hour 22 minutes long but is a discussion/class on what you should know.  This was the best hour and 22 minutes of education I have had to date. Thank you, Dr. Zach Bush for being so informative and Del Bigtree for asking very pertinent questions.

Some comments on the video from YouTube below:

Diana G stated “This is the most incredible, intelligent, humane conversation about the current situation I’ve heard! Thank you Del and Zach for sharing this factual information and genuine caring for humanity. Mind blowing and heart opening explosion!”

Ahmad H stated” Hits the foundation of every medical issue”

Jerrtnailedit stated “I am 68 , I have never heard a person speak of life the way he portrayed it. His words will have a lasting affect on me as well anyone that listens. Thank you Dr. for your wisdom and loving soul.”

Video from YouTube:


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