Republicans and Ed Smyth Big Losers In Working Families Primary- Appears Democrat’s Big Winners

In an attempt to seek and retain the Working Families line, Ed Smyth Republicans candidates fail big time. Smyth’s master plan failed miserably, and he has denied it was even his plan. According to the Board of Elections unofficial results posted online Ed’s Republican’s candidates (Ed’s Para-legal)Marissa Anderson got only 5 votes verse 114 for Rebecca Sanin democratic candidate, for the supervisors position.

For the council positions the other Ed Smyth’s candidate, republican Michael Oddo received 8 votes and surprisingly Robert Smitelli received 21 votes losing to Democratic candidate Jen Herbert’s 114 votes. But amazingly there were 89 votes for write in candidates which blow away the 2 republican candidates. So a write-in candidate along with Jen Hebert would appear to be the winners but who is it? In a phone call to the board of elections we were told that by Friday the write in candidates will be posted. So we have to wait. See chart below.

 The democratic primary was a close one with Jen Herbert getting the most votes at 2432 and then Joseph Schramm Jr. with 1636. Hunter Gross almost made a win by losing to Schramm Jr. by only 209 votes, collecting 1427. The question is what about absentee ballots. Will that change whether Hunter Gross over takes Joseph Schramm Jr.? We have to wait till Friday too.


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