Who Was In The Town SUV That Cut a Telephone Pole

It was early in the morning on Monday, August 8, 2021 around 12:45am when a town of Huntington vehicle took out a pole on West Hills Road. See picture below.
Usually when someone hits a pole a field sobriety test is performed. But according to SCPD there was no such test performed because the individual involved in the accident had walked away from the scene. Apparently, as per SCPD, he was in shock and was going to call police from a neighbor. He was about 0.3 of a mile from his house. Turns out this individual is a town employee driving a town vehicle and should have undergone a drug test.  But this individual did not.
So you ask, who is this that…
  1. Had no sobriety test
  2. Left the scene of an accident
  3. Was driving a town vehicle 
  4. Had his car towed by General Services to Island Wide Auto
The answer is none other than our Supervisor, Chad Lupinacci!
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