Statement from Conservative Party Chairman Gerard Kassar on Selection of Lt. Governor Brian Benjamin

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“New Yorkers suffering from the ongoing, statewide crime wave are bewildered by Gov. Kathy Hochul’s choice of Sen. Brian Benjamin as Lt. Governor. 
“Lt. Governor Benjamin has been a major driver in enacting policies that caused crime in this state to skyrocket, most notably cashless bail, and Gov. Hochul well knows that. Through her choice, the governor is presenting a deaf ear to New York crime victims and those alarmed about the safety of their families and their communities, and an open ear to the utopian progressives and Democratic Socialists who seek to tie the hands of New York law enforcement officials even more. In doing this, Gov. Hochul is making a clear political calculation, catering more to the organized political Left than to everyday New Yorkers. 
“While we congratulate Lt. Governor Benjamin on his appointment from a personal standpoint, we are deeply concerned over what his ascension represents. Voters will remember this November of 2022.” 
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