Is Leaving The Scene of an Accident A Crime?

Is Leaving The Scene of an Accident A Crime?

Did Town of Huntington Supervisor Chad Lupinacci do such?

Did SCPD not perform their job? Did they follow standard operating procedure to find the driver of a car that cut a telephone pole in half? Why? Maybe the person is lying somewhere dying? Possibly hurt, severely? No mention in the police report.

The SUV is equipped with Navistar which means we should be able to FOIL for the trip log from that day. There was a Republican bbq that day and where was the SUV before the 1am crash?

Would SCPD act differently if it was a person named you or me?

Ed Smyth is the deputy Supervisor. The job of a deputy is to take over in case the Supervisor, let’s say is in a car accident and cannot work. Is this what happened and the Supervisor was unable to work? So with the replacement theory, shouldn’t Deputy Supervisor Ed Smyth know everything about this crash and the apparent cover-up that appears to be happening not only by Chad and Ed, but also the police?

They certainly did not follow the rules and SOP as per their police guides. Has the SCPD report been tampered with? Was it changed? According to sources at town hall, Chad did leave the scene and walked to his house less then 3/10th of a mile from the scene. Laurens quote “Lembo said the crash happened around the corner from the supervisor’s home in Melville. She said he was in shock, couldn’t find his cellphone and walked away from the scene to get help from a neighbor to call police.”

Was he injured? Did the police go to his house? Did Chad really go back to the scene? Who recovered his cell phone?

So many questions of the behavior of the police, our town supervisor and the cover up that seems to be prevalent with this crash.  Nothing is adding up with either Supervisor Lupinacci or the Suffolk County Police.

Towns Q-Alert states different information then from the police report.

Why is the SCPD report dated 8 days after the accident? Now an internal investigation is happening, but the question is are we going backwards to the Jimmy Burke era? Or are we going to get the truth from SCPD?  The minimum Chad Lupinacci should be charged with is leaving the scene of the accident, like what would happen to you or me.

What is your opinion? If you have any information on this accident to provide sunlight on it please email


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