Mr. William Hender Serving as Maplewood Intermediate School’s New Principal

 South Huntington School District is happy to welcome Mr. William Hender as Maplewood Intermediate School’s new Principal.

Mr. Hender knew early on that working with children was what he wanted to do. Growing up, Mr. Hender’s mother had a daycare center that was run out of their home, and with the additional experience tutoring his brother when they were younger, it sparked his initial interest in education. “Those two pieces plus my love of sports and coaching led to going into education as
a logical choice, and it’s something that I’m glad I did,” he added.

Mr. Hender has a wide range of experience in the educational field. From Camp Director at the Ivy League Day Camp in Smithtown, and an elementary and middle school level classroom teacher in Kings Park Central Schools, to being the Varsity Head Coach at Kings Park High School, Mr. Hender has been exposed to all levels and fields. Mr. Hender was also High School
Assistant Principal and Dean of Discipline at Western Suffolk BOCES Regional Summer School. Most recently, Mr. Hender served as Principal at Eastport Elementary School.

“I think anytime you have an experience, you’re going to learn something from it,” he explained. Mr. Hender very frequently reflects upon his experience and always looks for ways to improve. Before the end of each day he asks himself, “Did I do today what was in the best interest of all children?”

Mr. Hender currently resides in Commack, where he grew up. Throughout the years, he recalls having close relationships with friends who have either been educators or administrators in the South Huntington district. He mentioned that these friends always had wonderful things to say about the district as a whole. What drew him here was how South Huntington treats everyone
like they are a part of a family. “That family piece was something that was very enticing to me,” he expressed.

“We’re coming out of a pandemic where the world of education was turned upside down,” Mr. Hender commented. He wants to be someone that keeps Maplewood moving forward in an upward direction, by being the best that it can be. He will follow this goal by emphasizing what they can do better and what is in the best interest of the students. Mr. Hender, who is very big on
communication and “having an open door,” strongly believes in parent involvement, as his mother was a PTA President, along with his wife now. “I know how important it is to have great volunteers within the district, and to have that support system throughout the school,” he said.

Mr. Hender also participates in the community in his own way. One of his biggest hobbies is cooking, in which he owns his own food truck called Bill’s Grill. He purchased the truck for his dad who upon retiring, felt inspired and wanted to have a hot dog truck on the side of the road. The truck’s concept transformed over the years, and Mr. Hender still uses it for private events on
the weekends. Mr. Hender truly is a man of experience as he is always the first to find a way to contribute to his community in a positive way.

About Mr. William Hender:
Mr. William Hender began his path to education at St. Joseph’s College where he graduated in May 2001 with a Bachelor in Arts Sciences/Child Study degree. He then graduated from Long Island University in September 2004 with a Masters in Education/Literacy degree. In May of 2012 he graduated from the State University of New York with a degree in Educational
Administration. Currently, he is furthering his studies to pursue an Ed.D in Educational


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