Letter to the Editor – No More Mudslinging Mr. McNally

Dear Editor,

As a Republican and Huntington resident, I am appalled by Republican Leader Tom McNally’s emails and website postings about Huntington Councilman Eugene Cook.  As a voter in Huntington, I am tired of political parties who attack opposing candidates instead of highlighting why their candidate earned my vote.

I would suggest that the Huntington Republican Leader focus his attention on the incorrect information that he and his endorsed Supervisor candidate felt the need to circulate and continue to circulate.  July 13, 2021 Town Board meeting was heavily attended by members of our community, who were forced to alter their schedules to speak at the public portion, because of misleading information given by Republicans that led residents to believe members of the Town Board would be voting during a closed workshop meeting. First, Town Board workshop is open to the public. Second, the Town Board only votes to add something to the agenda at workshop, they do not vote to pass or fail any resolutions at workshop, only at Town Board. I ask, does the Republican Leader or his endorsed candidate know these procedures?  If the answer is no, then neither one of them are capable or qualified of leading Huntington. 

I want a candidate that stands for what he says, instead of a candidate that does the opposite of his grandstanding.  Also at the July 13, 2021 Town Board meeting we heard a lot of rhetoric of how Eugene Cook supported downzoning against community wishes; yet he was the only Town Board member who stood with the community against downzoning for Sunrise Assisted Living on Pulaski Road. Councilman Eugene Cook has voted for our right to be heard for many times, even when he publicly announced that he would not support a project like the Seasons of Elwood; why would he do that? Because, he fights and protects for our right to be heard.

As a lifelong resident of Huntington, I am not interested in political mudslinging, I am interested in a safe community for my family and my neighbors, with leaders who fight for Huntington. Mr. McNally, I won’t support your choice for Supervisor, as he must support your political mudslinging. I will support Councilman Eugene Cook for Huntington Supervisor because he cares about all communities and fights for Huntington, because he understands that he works for we the people!

Let’s move forward sticking to the facts and issues being civil and honest.


Thank you,

Jim McGoldrick

Huntington Resident 




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