Steve Jobs Dies

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Legend Steve Jobs dies at the age of 56. He was fighting pancreatic cancer for quite some time. His legacy will be his unbelievable products:

  • Apple II (1977):  The machine that launched Apple and the personal computer industry. Apple II computers came with a keyboard, monitor and two disk drives.
  • Macintosh (1984): With a revolutionary graphical interface and mouse, the Macintosh immediately stood out as easier to use than the command-based IBM personal computer. About 70,000 Macs sold in the first 100 days.
  • iMac (1998): The iMac computer debuts in translucent plastic “bondi blue,” followed in 1999 by five candy colors — blueberry, strawberry, lime, tangerine and grape. About 2.7 million iMacs sold in the first two years.
  • iPod (2001): The portable player introduced the possibility of carrying an entire music collection in your pocket. Apple has sold more than 300 million iPods.
  • iPhone (2007): The revolutionary device merged phone, music player and computer into a stylish package. About 130 million have been sold.
  • iPad (2010): Despite skepticism about the market for a tablet-style device, iPad was a hit from the start, with 7 million sold in less than a year.

Steve had great vision and product sense even the products that did not catch on like the NeXT (1988) which the public could not afford and the academics loved. Still this machine was the machine the world wide web was created on!

Interesting NeXT operating system 1988 Video below is unbelievable you have to remember this is 1988, this product was 23 years ago.


NextStep was a groundbreaking OS which revolutionized the way we interact with a computer, taking it’s roots from Smalltalk and the Palo Alto Research Center experiments. Steve Jobs had the vision and the will to apply those concepts to everyday computing. Those are ideas we just are beginning to explore in our daily interactions with a computer.

Thank you and God Bless you Steve, may you rest in peace!

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